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Assalamu`alaikum dan greetings to all…

It has been two months I left my hometown and now living as an expatriate. So, how’s life? Alhamdulillah, everything is under control. The weather is good, the food is nice and there are many places of interest I need to explore. Anyhow, I just want to share some of the things that we need to prepare before we come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Goodbye MAS… Welcome KSA

  • Money

No money, no talk! If you are female, first time travelling abroad, and no family members in KSA, please prepare enough pocket money at least RM5k. Half of it change to US dollar and another half to Saudi Riyal. The USD just keep it for emergency purpose and the SAR for our expenses here. The first thing we need to buy is a sim card using our passport number. I bought STC Sawa Ziyarah for SAR30 with validity for 60 days. Otherwise, the food price is about SAR15 per pack and I have to pay certain amount of money for Saudi Council Temporary Licence. Only after that, we can apply for Iqama (Saudi ID) for other transaction.

  • Clothing

It is the culture for female to cover their hair and wear modestly. 3 pieces of abaya is enough because we can buy more here. In addition, just bring your casual cloths, pyjamas, bras and panties, basic uniform needs such as white inner and socks. We are allowed to bring 22kg+22kg international baggage. However, for domestic flight is only 7kg+30kg.

  • Foods

For a couple of days, you probably just want to eat food that you are familiar with. Do not expect the taste of the food would be the same like Malaysian foods because our taste buds are different. You can bring 3-in-1 drinks, instant noodles, chili sauce, ketchup and soy sauce. You can bring any kind of food as long as it did not exceed your baggage weight.

  • Reading material

Once you are officially unemployed and just waiting for your flight ticket, please read the materials given by agency. The reading material is provided by the hospital because we will be expected to sit for some exams once we start working in KSA. The passing marks is 80% and the exam are: Medication Administration, ECG Need Assessment, Blood and Blood Product Administration, BLS and ACLS. We come here for work, so be knowledgeable and prove that you have the working experience.

  • Miscellaneous

Laptop, extension wires, travel adapter, skin care products, pantyliner, pads, shampoo, soap, bath towel, hand towel, shoes, slipper, iron, rice cooker, water heater, hand bag, back pack, files, stationery, nursing thingy – name card holder, lanyard, nurses watch, pen torch, scissors, small note book, A4 paper, Tupperware bottle, container and utensils, etc…

The flight is about 7 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah and the time difference is 5 hours. Therefore, jet lag is normal and we will be expected to report duty on the next day. Therefore, we have to prepare our physical, mental and emotional. It is going to be a tough 2 weeks but eventually we will pass all the obstacles. No turning back. Always remember everything we do is because of Allah SWT.

“Dan barangsiapa berhijrah di jalan Allah, nescaya mereka akan mendapati di bumi ini tempat hijrah yang luas dan (rezeki) yang banyak. Barangsiapa keluar dari rumahnya dengan maksud berhijrah kerana Allah dan rasul-Nya, kemudian kematian menimpanya (sebelum sampai ke tempat yang dituju), maka sesungguhnya pahalanya telah ditetapkan di sisi Allah. Dan sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.” 

(Surah Al-Nisa’ 4: 100) 

Until we meet again.

May peace be upon you.


Assalamu`alaikum dan greetings to all…

This is a retrospective story of my life. By the time you read this post, I am starting a new chapter in my nursing career. Another wish came true. Alhamdulillah… I dedicated this post to Malaysian staff nurses who plan to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The whole process begin since last year and here’s how it goes.

August 24, 2016 – I apply online in Melorita website and fill up the application form + attached my CV and photo.

August 29, 2016 – I received a phone call from Melorita Kuala Lumpur and they stated that they had received my CV and since I am from Sarawak, they will forward the information to Melorita Kuching.

September 6, 2016 – I saw a post in Facebook “We are hiring now for the upcoming SAUDI ARABIA DELEGATION INTERVIEW in OCTOBER 2016” and I email my CV again for the second time. In just few hours, I received an auto-generated reply from Melorita.

November 29, 2016 – I received a message from Melorita Kuching via Whatsapp asking to return back their call. Unfortunately, I was still on family vacation at Thailand.

December 5, 2016 – I am back to Sarawak and called Ms E at Melorita Kuching. She received my CV and she promised to help me to apply for a post in Intensive Care Unit, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, it is not easy to get a job there and if I’m being offered, she advice me to take it as my first stepping stone for my career. One of her colleague, Ms F email to me 9 forms and skills checklist which need to be return as soon as possible.

December 14, 2016 – Finally, I manage to complete and provide all the documents required by Melorita. I failed to delivered the documents through email due to the file’s size were too big. So, I decided to courier the documents using PosLaju. Total cost: RM0.80 for brown envelope + RM7.20 for the weight of the documents.

December 16, 2016 – Melorita Kuching received my forms, skill checklist and copies of certificate. Any issue they will keep me updated.

January 13, 2017 – The agency contacted me few times to clarify some information about my working experience on Paediatric patient. Today, they informed me that my application has been submitted to the Head Quarters (HQ). I told them my priority will always be Saudi Arabia but I will also try to apply at UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). Probably I have a better future there, insya-Allah.

February 15, 2017 – I received a phone call from Ms E and she stated that a hospital had received my CV and they would like to make a phone interview. Therefore, I need to decide three dates starting from today until 23 February 2017 and the time must be after 1400 hours. The dates exclude Friday and Saturday because it is holiday in KSA. At night, I replied her through WhatsApp and choose 19, 20, and 21 February at 1730 hours.

February 17, 2017 – I received a phone call from Ms E and the hospital decide to make a phone interview with me on Sunday, 19 February at 1800 hours. Some of the common questions that they will ask are introduce yourself, where and how is your current employment. Since I apply for Intensive Care Unit, they will give some scenario, asking about ventilated patient, ECG and anything about ICU nursing. Be prepared and do not pause too much like “erm” or “arr” during the interview.

February 19, 2017 – At 1759 hours, I received an international phone call from Makkah/Medina. The first caller was the hospital operator asking am I ready for my interview. I said yes and the operator said that she is going to connect me to another person. I can hear an Arabic tone which I totally do not understand. After a while, a man introduce himself in English language as Mr A from Medical/Surgical ICU. The first question that he asked,  I cannot hear it very clearly because of his Arabic accent. He was asking me to introduce myself, where I work, what did I do, etc. After explained in details about my years of working experience and my jobs description in ICU, Mr A stop me and passed the conversation to a lady (which I do not remember her name). The lady asked about clinical questions. What are the cases that I handle in the ICU, difference between Acute Renal Failure and Chronic Renal Failure, what are ventilator mode that I know and describe them, what is RASS score, how to prevent VAP and the care bundle, what are the common inotropes that we use in ICU and nursing responsibilities if patient on IV Norephinephrine, what is normal ICP, what are the first things that we must check on post-operative neurosurgical patient, are you willing to work for 12 hours shift in 18 bedded ICU with multinational staff and attend cases like medical, surgical, oncology and neurosurgical, paperless hospital with no extended role, purely bed side nursing care, probation period and undergo training and education in order to be accepted in the hospital, are you BLS and ACLS certified and lastly when you can start working here? Anything they will update through my agency and they will submit the interview report to Nursing Recruitment. If I passed the interview, it will depend on how fast my agency can work on the next process. The duration of my interview was 20 minutes and 6 seconds.

February 22, 2017“Hi, I’m delighted to inform you that you’re being shortlisted for the position. But in order to get the official offer, you need to provide me two things dear: (1) One reference letter from your superior with hospital letter head (2) APC 2017.” Alhamdulillah… I passed the interview.

March 9, 2017It took 2 weeks for me to convince my superior to sign the reference letter. At this point, I cannot hide my intention anymore about my decision to resign from KKM and start working in KSA once everything is confirmed.

March 21, 2017I received 2 emails from the hospital about ‘Follow Us on Social Media’. Impressive! They have Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, I still have not received their offer letter. May Allah SWT make ease everything. Ameen.

March 30, 2017 – Alhamdulillah, finally  I received an email about my offer had been issued. The position that being offered is STAFF NURSE I.P1.MEDICAL/SURGICAL ICU (Sec)-J.08).

March 31, 2017My agency send my offer letter via email. I need to give respond to my agency within 3 days. The employment offer is valid for one week only. Signed, scan and email them back. On the same day, my agency help to apply Certificate of Good Conduct from e-Consular and once again I received a confirmation email. From this point, I am going to receive an auto-generated emails and my agency advice not to respond except from the agency personnel. Other things I need to do is Mantoux Test and arrange an appointment to do medical check-up at BP Healtcare Kuching only.

April 5, 2017I send 3 original documents: Jadual Kelima Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia, Degree both English and Bahasa Melayu to my agency. I had never send such important document using PosLaju. Total cost RM7.20.

April 7, 2017 – Although I am one of the government hospital staff, I decided not to do Mantoux Test in the hospital. So, I went to the nearest PoliKlinik, get it done and come back again for reading after 72 hours. On the same day, I arranged appointment for my medical check-up in Kuching. It was not easy because I have to follow their timetable. Certain date that I pick was fully occupied and sometimes Dr not available. Once I blocked my date, I have to change my duty roster.

April 10, 2017Alhamdulillah, my Mantoux Test reading was negative. I also received few more documents for me to prepare and sign. 4 photos for visa application, 10 photos for iqama and 10 passport size photo for other purpose which cost me RM60.00.

April 11, 2017Today is my medical check-up day and I have to take a flight to Kuching. It cost me RM135.36 + RM26.00 for taxi. Prior to that, I was instructed by the BP Healthcare personnel to ‘fast’ for 8 hours but I can still drink some plain water. I also need to bring a passport size photo with white background (do not use black tudung because it will be rejected and standby 2 photos), report of my Mantoux Test and copy of MMR vaccine that I had received during my childhood. They measured weight, height, BMI, BP, HR, blood, urine, and stool investigation, colour blind and visual acuity test (with and without spectacle),  chest X-ray and I’m going to receive IM injection vaccine for meningitis which can last for 3 years. Total cost RM1084.00 + RM25.00 for photos + RM30.00 for taxi + RM50.00 for bus ticket.

April 17, 2017I request for email verification of my qualification from my university. The email verification must be from current Head of Nursing Department, UNIMAS to the Saudi Culture email address. Alhamdulillah, I received a prompt reply and invitation to join UNIMAS nursing programme once I have had enough of globetrotting.

April 21, 2017I approached my Matron for verification of reference letter and this time it runs smoothly.

April 27, 2017My ward Sister also signed the verification letter of reference letter. Just a soft reminder, both the testimonial or reference letters must be different in terms of contain.

May 2, 2017I went to a private lawyer aka Commissioner for Oath accompanied by my father to sign the Statutory Declaration. Payment of RM4.00 will be charge. I also went to a private medical centre for another medical check-up in view of abnormalities in my chest X-ray. Total cost: RM80.00 for X-ray + RM80.00 for Consultation.

May 4, 2017I went to UNIMAS main campus at Kota Samarahan to get verification of my education certificate. I learnt that only officer at Canselory can verified document and the procedure took 3 days at Undergraduate Student Division.

May 17, 2017Application for Certificate of Good Conduct in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) – Status: Completed.

May 22, 2017My license just came out from Malaysia Nursing Board. Next, awaiting for medical clearance from hospital before my documents can enter Saudi Culture.

May 25, 2017All praise to Allah SWT my medical clearance from hospital Family Medicine status: Completed.

May 29, 2017As my document entered Saudi Culture – Saudi Embassy – Visa Stamping, I was ordered to submit resignation letter with 30 days notice. Due to time constraint, I decided to inform my Head of Department about my resignation through email. It would be better if they hear about this news from myself rather than hear it from other people’s mouth.

June 6, 2017I must get a Confirmation of Employment (COE) letter and verification of employment from Human Resource Department. Another troublesome procedure as all the letters must be written in English and KKM letter always in Bahasa Melayu. My COE being rejected twice due to spelling and contain error.

June 8, 2017Payment SAR800 (RM931.03) done using credit card only in DataFlow Group website. Id and password will be provided by the agency. So, click Verification Services > Start Your Verification > Saudi Commission For Health Specialties > Apply > I’m an applicant > Log in. Remember! Don’t change anything in the website. Just click save and next until payment is secured. A payment receipt will be send after 48 hours.

July 1, 2017I’m officially unemployed.

July 4, 2017My education check status in DataFlow is completed. Malaysian Nursing Board and employment check status still in progress. I’m still waiting for my document to be release from Saudi Culture to Saudi Embassy before I can proceed to visa stamping.

July 6, 2017My employment check status: Completed. Only health license check status in progress now. Application status can be check online in DataFlow Group website. Just search by Reference Number > Saudi Commission for Health Specialties > Passport Number > Check Status.

July 17, 2017Alhamdulillah.. all my documents has been released by Saudi Culture. If everything runs smoothly, my agency informed me that my visa can be secured within this week.

July 20, 2017Somehow I am not able to check my application status in DataFlow Group. Is it because I check every hours? Anyway, my documents just came out from Saudi Embassy and will proceed with visa stamping next Monday or Tuesday. Insya-Allah, may Allah SWT make ease everything.

July 26, 2017“We are pleased to inform that your primary source verification has been completed. DataFlow Barcode XXXX Reference Number XXXX. Please find attached copy of the Report” – A confirmation email I received in my inbox.

August 2, 2017I received a shocking news from my agency today. My visa application was rejected by Saudi Embassy due to incomplete documentation done by Saudi Culture. “Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” Surah Ash-Sharh 94:6.

August 14, 2017 – My agency informed me that they have moved my documents for visa stamping for the second time this morning. Waiting for 2 weeks is so nerve wrecking. In the evening, they informed me that my entry visa is secured.

August 17, 2017 – Finally, my travelling date has confirmed on August 20, 2017 from Kuching to KL. Then, KL to KSA. Start packing all the stuff needed. Payment need to be done to the agency RM912.66 only for all the services.

August 19, 2017 – This will be my last entry from Malaysia. Just to summarize the above information – Duration: ±1 year, Total cost: +RM3 428.45. Indeed, working abroad is not an easy road. Wish me all the best readers!!!

Musa berdoa: “Ya Tuhanku! Lapangkanlah untukku dadaku. Dan mudahkanlah untukku urusanku. Dan lepaskanlah kekakuan daripada lidahku. Supaya mereka mengerti perkataanku.”

(Surah Taha 20 : 25-28) 

Until we meet again.

May peace be upon you.

Bingka Keju

Bingka Keju


250g mentega FarmCow
1 kotak kecil keju Philadelphia
4 biji telur ayam
1/2 tin kecil susu pekat manis F&N
1 gelas gula halus
1 sudu kecil esen vanila
1 paket kecil agar-agar jernih dilarutkan dengan 3 gelas air
1 1/2 gelas tepung gandum
Pewarna kurning telur

Cara membuat:

Pukul gula dan mentega hingga kembang. Kemudian masukkan telur ayam satu persatu, susu pekat manis, esen vanila dan keju Philadelphia. Campurkan tepung gandum dan gaul hingga sebati. Cairkan agar-agar dengan 3 gelas air (600ml) dengan api sederhana. Apabila agar-agar telah larut, campurkan dengan adunan dan masukkan sedikit pewarna kuning telur. Masukkan ke dalam dulang yang telah disalut mentega dan tepung. Bakar dalam ketuhar menggunakan api atas bawah lebih kurang 55 minit atau masak sehingga permukaan atas keperangan.

 Good luck


Shepherd Pie

Shepherd Pie


Ubi kentang
Daging lembu cincang
Bawang besar
Bawang putih
Tomato puri D’Chef
Susu cair
Lada putih
Slice cheese
Cheddar cheese
Origano (optional)

Cara membuat:

Bersihkan ubi kentang dan buang kulitnya. Rebus ubi kentang dan campur sedikit garam. Apabila sudah masak, keluarkan ubi kentang dan lenyek dalam besen. Campur sedikit lada putih, garam secukup, dan susu cair. Pastikan ubi kentang tidak terlalu kering atau cair. Gaul rata dan ketepikan. Bilas daging cincang dengan air bersih. Panaskan kuali dan masak daging cincang hingga airnya berkurangan. Tidak perlu letak minyak sebab daging dan tomato puri nanti akan berminyak. Apabila daging cincang sudah kering, masukkan bawang putih yang sudah dicincang halus. Gaul rata kemudian masukkan bawang besar yang juga telah dipotong dadu. Setelah bawang besar masak dan layu, masukkan tomato puri dan tambah garam dan oregano secukup rasa. Lapis bahagian bawah bekas aluminium dengan daging cincang, lapisan kedua dengan slice cheese, lapisan ketiga ubi kentang, dan lapisan atas cheddar cheese yang telah diparut. Bakar di dalam oven dengan api atas bawah sehingga cheese bertukar menjadi warna keperangan.

(P/S: Kuantiti bahan-bahan aku tak dapat letak sebab semuanya agak-agak jak bah! Harap maaf). 

 Good luck


Assalamu`alaikum dan greetings to all…

Happy New Year 2017!!

Alhamdulillah.. For year 2016, I had received 3 897 views, 2 994 visitors and 12 likes. The statistics showed increasing trend since I started blogging in year 2011. Thank you very much to all of you.

Looking back at My 2016 Resolutions, my study finally completed and now I am waiting for the feedback from my research consultants. If everything alright, insya-Allah I can move to the next step to publish it in any international journal. Otherwise, it will turn into a piece of rough paper. Back then, I was thinking of quitting Facebook but it seems to hard to let it go. Probably not for this few years. Indeed, hard times makes me even stronger. I also realized that I seldom cry, less whining and always try my best to finish all the task given as soon as possible. As a reward to myself, I went for a vacation with my family at Thailand – the farthest place I ever been after Indonesia and Singapore.


I wish for a happy ending

For this year, I just hope for a brighter future in my career as a nurse. Post-basic aka Advanced Diploma or Master Programme? I do not have interest on it anymore. People said life is like a roller-coaster and currently I am at the bottom of it. Working in a comfort zone and remain static. Sigh!

I also wish that I could manage my finance much better than before so that I can buy a small and comfortable house. By the age of 35 years old, I must have a place to settle down, less debt and live happily ever after. Insya-Allah.

My last wish is to have a boyfriend aka husband aka partner-in-crime aka my-other-half aka my-imam. I may have everything in this world but life would be lonely if I do not have someone who willing to grow old with me. Someone who will accept me just the way I am. Someone who will guide me to become a better person in this world and the hereafter. Ameen..

Katakanlah (Muhammad): “Siapakah yang memberi rezeki kepadamu dari langit dan bumi? Atau siapakah yang berkuasa (menciptakan) pendengaran dan penglihatan? Dan siapakah yang mengeluarkan yang hidup dari yang mati? Dan mengeluarkan yang mati dari yang hidup? Dan siapakah yang mengatur segala urusan?” Maka mereka akan menjawab: “Allah” Maka katakanlah: “Mengapa kamu tidak bertakwa (kepada-Nya)?”

(Surah Yunus 10: 31) 

Until we meet again.

May peace be upon you.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Sudah hampir penghujung tahun 2016, kali ini aku akan menceritakan pengalaman aku dan keluarga bercuti di Thailand pada 26/11/16 hingga 1/12/16. Kami memilih pakej Hatyai-Phuket-Krabi selama 6 hari 5 malam. Bayaran yang dikenakan adalah sebanyak RM790 seorang. Sebanyak RM200 perlu dibayar secara bank-in kepada agen terlebih dahulu untuk tempahan hotel di Thailand dan selebihnya boleh dibayar secara tunai semasa bertemu dengan pemandu pelancong nanti. Sebelum tarikh penerbangan, aku perlu memperbaharui pasport di Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia. Sedikit nasihat jika anda bertudung, pastikan kain tudung berwarna hitam dan tanggalkan cermin mata ketika gambar diambil oleh pegawai imigresen. Jangan lupa bawa pasport yang lama dan Kad Pengenalan. Bayaran sebanyak RM200 dikenakan untuk tempoh sah pasport 5 tahun. Buku pasport yang baru boleh diambil 1 jam selepas waktu bayaran.

Aku mengambil penerbangan Malaysia (Malaysia Airlines) dari Sarawak-KLIA-Pulau Pinang. Jika kita tidak sempat menukar duit Ringgit Malaysia kepada Thai Baht, jangan risau kerana di KLIA terdapat beberapa kaunter Money Changer. Terpulang kepada kebijaksanaan kita untuk memilih kadar pertukaran yang paling baik. Pada masa itu, 100 Baht bersamaan dengan RM8. Kalau tukar RM500, kita akan mendapat 4000 Baht. Di lapangan terbang Pulau Pinang, aku bertemu dengan ahli keluarga yang lain dan kami semua seramai 11 orang. Seawal jam 4 pagi, kami dijemput oleh pemandu pelancong yang akan membawa kami ke Thailand. Seorang lelaki, Muslim dan warganegara Malaysia. Sebelum itu, kami singgah solat Subuh di Jitra, Kedah.

Jitra Kedah

Alat Tradisional Teratak Warisan Jitra

Kira-kira jam 8 pagi, kami tiba di sempadan Malaysia-Thailand untuk urusan imigresen. Memandangkan musim cuti sekolah telah bermula, bilangan pelancong lebih ramai berbanding dengan hari biasa. Untuk melepasi imigresen Malaysia lebih mudah kerana terdapat kaunter khas untuk warganegara Malaysia. Cuma sediakan buku pasport dan ikut arahan mesin. Urusan imigresen di Danok Thailand lebih sukar kerana barisan yang sangat panjang dan hanya beberapa kaunter dibuka. Nasihat daripada pemandu pelancong kami, jangan membuat apa-apa bayaran kepada pegawai imigresen Thailand jika diminta. Beritahu bayaran telah dibuat dan tunjukkan resit (walaupun aku sebenarnya tidak faham apa yang ditulis kerana tulisan Thailand yang digunakan).

Di Danok, kami berhenti untuk makan tengah hari sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke Hatyai. Di sini, masyarakat masih boleh memahami Bahasa Melayu, urusan jual beli boleh menggunakan Ringgit Malaysia dan peluang terakhir untuk menukar duit Baht. Sebaik sahaja memasuki negara Thailand, perbezaan masa juga bertukar di mana masa di Thailand 1 jam lebih lambat berbanding Malaysia. Contohnya, jam 9 pagi Thailand bersamaan dengan jam 10 pagi Malaysia. Untuk memudahkan urusan, tukarlah jam tangan anda kepada waktu Thailand kerana jam di telefon pintar akan bertukar secara automatik.


Welcome to Thailand

26/11/16@Hatyai  – Percutian sebenar kami bermula dan perkara yang paling menarik dalam pakej ini adalah wifi. Wifi percuma disediakan sepanjang perjalanan. Kedai-kedai makan yang kami singgah juga menyediakan wifi secara percuma dan password ditulis pada bekas tisu atau dinding premis. Pemandu pelancong kami ada 2 orang sebenarnya. Seorang lagi juga lelaki, Muslim dan warganegara Thailand berasal dari Satun. Dia fasih berbahasa Melayu dengan slang orang utara.

Di Hatyai, pelbagai barangan tempatan dan cenderamata dijual dan harganya masih boleh ditawar. Antara tempat yang kami sempat singgah pada waktu petang adalah Nora Plaza (terkenal dengan produk kulit tetapi yang paling trending bagi aku adalah sabun beras dan sabu kopi), Ranu Kohyo (makanan tempatan yang terkenal bagi aku ialah seaweed BigBang ada dijual di sini tetapi tidak boleh tawar menawar kerana harganya yang paling murah),  Klonghae Floating Market (peniaga makanan berjual di dalam sampan dan yang paling menarik air dijual di dalam pasu). Pasu bukan sebarang pasu, pasu dengan corak Doraemon, bunga, dan sebagainya. Terdapat pelbagai pilihan pakaian, selipar, dan perhiasan asalkan pandai tawar menawar. Kami menginap di The Regency Hotel selama satu malam sahaja.

Klonghae Floating Market

Klonghae Floating Market

27/11/16@Phuket – Dari Hatyai, kami bertolak menuju ke destinasi seterusnya iaitu Phuket tetapi sebelum itu kami singgah di Trang Andaman Gateway untuk mengambil gambar gajah. Salah satu prinsip hidup aku adalah “Say No to Animal Cruelty”. Gajah batu ada disediakan jadi tidak perlulah bayar beratus Baht untuk menunggang gajah hidup. Selesai bergambar, kami singgah di Khanitta Cake Trang yang menjual kek asli tanpa bahan pengawet. Kek yang dijual cuma dapat bertahan selama 3 atau 5 hari dalam suhu bilik.

Trang Andaman Gateway

Trang Andaman Gateway

Kemudian, kami singgah di Le Khaokob Cave. Di sini, bayaran untuk menaiki bot adalah sebanyak 200 Baht seorang. Tiada jaket keselamatan disediakan. Jika masuk secara berkumpulan, pemandu pelancong kami cadangkan satu bot untuk 3 orang sahaja demi keselesaan kerana di dalam gua nanti kita akan disuruh menanggalkan kasut dan baring di dalam bot dengan pemandu bot sekali. Pengalaman yang paling mencabar kerana jarak antara badan kita dengan permukaan gua cuma beberapa cm sahaja (no camera, safety, I take care you – antara perkataan yang akan diulang-ulang oleh pemandu bot). Ini adalah tempat yang aku highly recommended! Jangan lupa senyum apabila ada orang mengambil gambar kita kerana sebaik sahaja keluar daripada gua, gambar kita telah tersedia dan harganya 200 Baht. Kalau tidak mahu beli pun boleh.

Hampir waktu Asar, kami singgah solat dan makan di Ruantalay. Selesai makan, kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Phuket dan sampai di hotel dalam waktu Isyak. Hotel kami berdekatan dengan Bangla Road dan Patong Beach. Kawasan tumpuan pelancong dari Eropah. Arak, muzik, tarian, dan wanita berpakaian seksi ada di sepanjang Bangla Road. Kuatkanlah iman anda jika melalui jalan ini.


Ruantalay Restaurant

28/11/16@Phuket – Walaupun hotel ada menyediakan sarapan pagi, namun status halalnya masih ragu-ragu. Oleh itu, kami keluar dan bersarapan di Hawa Kitchen. Antara makanan yang paling terkenal adalah banana pancake atau roti canai pisang. Sangat sedap! Aktiviti hari ini adalah membeli-belah sahaja. Di (1) Gems Gallery, terdapat akuarium ikan dan bolehlah bergambar sementara menunggu giliran untuk mendengar taklimat berkaitan batu permata. Kita akan beratur dan duduk seperti di dalam gerabak kereta api sambil mendengar taklimat dalam Bahasa Melayu. Tayangan video juga disediakan sepanjang itu. Selesai taklimat, kita akan dibawa masuk ke dalam kawasan galeri dan melihat sendiri bagaimana cincin batu permata dihasilkan. Kemudian, barulah kita akan dibawa ke galeri cincin. Untuk jimatkan masa, minta pemandu pelancong kita untuk tunjukkan kawasan cincin yang sering dilawati oleh rakyat Malaysia kerana disitu  harga cincin lebih murah dan mampu milik. Jika saiz cincin terlalu besar, jangan risau kerana pihak galeri dapat mengaturnya dan cincin boleh diambil keesokan hari. Untuk dapatkan cincin yang cantik kena ada 3000 Baht ke atas. Kalau tidak cukup, boleh pinjam duit pemandu pelancong dulu. Hehehe…


Gems Gallery Phuket

Seterusnya, kami singgah di (2) Phuket Premium Outlet sekadar cuci mata. Singgah di (3) Madunan T-Shirt untuk membeli baju T-shirt dengan kain yang berkualiti. Taklimat juga diberikan sebelum pengunjung dibenarkan memilih T-shirt. Harga yang ditawarkan 179 Baht hingga 199 Baht sehelai. Beli 3 percuma 1.  Kami makan tengah hari di Islander Restaurant tetapi sebelum itu solat Zohor di masjid bertentangan dengan restoran. Aktiviti bergambar dengan ahli keluarga diteruskan di Karon View Point. Di sini, ada Sea Eagle yang telah dilatih. Untuk mengambil gambar guna kamera sendiri kena bayar 100 Baht. Kalau guna kamera polaroid bayar 200 Baht. Destinasi seterusnya ialah (4) Big Bee Farm Phuket. Seperti biasa taklimat akan diberikan berkaitan madu, bagaimana untuk mengenalpasti madu asli dan madu gula dan khasiat madu. Produk yang dijual berjenama Thep-prasit dengan harga hampir-hampir 1000 Baht. Beli 6 botol madu 1000 g dapat percuma 2 botol madu 300 g.


Thep-prasit by Big Bee

Di (5) Mook Phuket, taklimat diberikan berkaitan mutiara, jenis-jenis mutiara, bagaimana untuk mengenalpasti mutiara asli dan mutiara palsu. Pelbagai barang kemas berasaskan mutiara juga dijual di sini dengan harga 4000 Baht untuk yang berkualiti tinggi. Berbeza dengan Gems Gallery, saiz cincin mutiara tidak dapat diubah jika terlalu besar atau kecil dengan jari anda. Aktiviti akhir sekali untuk hari ini ialah melihat matahari terbenam di Sunset View Point Promtep Cape, Phuket. Makan malam di pondok buluh berhampiran Patong Beach.

29/11/16@Krabi – Selesai urusan check-out hotel di Phuket, kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Krabi. Bergambar di Island Safari Phang-Nga (bayaran untuk masuk 300 Baht kalau tidak salah tapi kami tidak masuk pun sebab budget lari dekat Phuket..huhuhu). Destinasi seterusnya menaiki bot panjang untuk melihat James Bond Island yang aku sebenarnya tidak faham kenapa terkenal sangat. Filem dulu-dulu kot. Apa-apa pun pemandangan alam sekitar Subhanallah memang cantik. Kami singgah solat di perkampungan atas air Panyee Darussalam Mosque yang terletak di Koh Panyee Phang-Nga Province. Makan tengah hari di Panyee Muteara Seafood. Selesai makan dan kembali ke darat, pemandu pelancong cuba membawa kami ke tempat yang menyediakan aktiviti menuggang gajah. Walau bagaimanapun, kami tiba lewat petang dan semua gajah telah dimandikan. Cuma dapat ambil gambar gajah sahaja.. syukur Alhamdulillah. Hampir waktu Maghrib, kami check-in hotel di The Palace Aonang, Krabi.


Welcome to Koh Panyee Phang-Nga Province

30/11/16@Krabi – Aktiviti hari ini adalah menjelajah “4 Islands”. Tup Island (turun main air dan pasir), Poda Island (snorkeling), Chicken Island (cuma ambil gambar ayam dari atas bot), Phra Nang Cave Island (turun makan tengah hari, main air dan pasir). Disebabkan berlaku kemalangan yang tidak diduga, aktiviti terpaksa disingkatkan kerana ambulance sedang menunggu di Aonang Beach untuk menghantar salah seorang daripada kami ke Krabi Hospital.  Cuma satu orang doktor yang bertugas di Unit Kecemasan. Selesai urusan pendaftaran dan rawatan, aku dengan pemandu pelancong menyelesaikan urusan mengambil ubat dan mendapatkan salinan X-ray dalam bentuk CD. Lokasi yang kami kunjungi pada malam terakhir ialah Kanabnam View Seafood Restaurant & Fish Farm. Satu lagi perkampungan atas air yang sangat menarik dan untuk sampai di sini kena menaiki bot panjang.


Koh Poda

1/12/16@Trang – Selesai sarapan pagi di Krabi dan bergambar di replika ketam, kami meneruskan perjalanan dan berhenti di Khanitta Cake sekali lagi untuk membeli kek. Perjalanan pulang yang terasa sangat panjang kerana tiada lagi tempat persinggahan. Sekitar jam 6 petang, kami semua selamat sampai di Pulau Pinang. Alhmdulillah…

Ringkasan: Kawasan Hatyai dan Phuket sangat bersih berbeza dengan Krabi. Untuk mendapatkan makan halal tidak sukar. Pastikan peniaga yang menjual makanan bertudung, ada kalimah Allah dan Muhammad SAW, bismillah di gerai mereka. Jika masih was-was, suruh peniaga mengucap dua kalimah syahadah. Budget makan tengah hari atau makan malam dalam 250 Baht seorang. Kalau sarapan pagi kurang sedikit. Jadi, lepas ini boleh anggarkan berapa banyak duit kena laburkan. Terdapat satu lagi kawasan tarikan pelancong iaitu Phi Phi Island. Insya-Allah panjang umur dan murah rezeki kami akan kembali lagi.

Terima kasih kepada Adam Tour kerana telah menguruskan percutian kami sekeluarga dengan baik. Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, boleh hubungi mereka di nombor +60194403630.

P/S: Cuti-cuti pun cik misi kena check-in hospital. Huhuhu..


Krabi Hospital

~ السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ~

Assalamu`alaikum and greetings to all..


All the best!

Dear staff nurses, I know some of you currently having the same post with me. Grab this chance and probably with your presence we can see some changes in our nursing profession. Closing date 30 September 2016. Good luck!

Until we meet again.

May peace be upon you.

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