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Chapter #4 Part 4: BMAT

Assalamu`alaikum and greetings to all…

For the first time in my career as a staff nurse, I had the opportunity to assist our Medical Officer to perform a Bone Marrow Aspirate and Trephine (BMAT) on intubated patient. It was one of the common procedure for those who work in Medical department but it was kind of rare in our Intensive Care Unit. Just make sure your MO wear cap before he/she scrubs or perform hand washing. Here are some of the requirements for the invasive procedure:

  • BMAT Set (1 tray, 1 gallipot, 1 sponge holding forcep – Total: 3 instruments)
  • Procedure gown
  • CVC drape
  • Streriprep
  • Sterile gloves
  • T-Lok Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle (8ga x 4in)
  • 20 ml syringe x 4
  • 10 ml syringe x 4
  • 5 ml syringe x 1
  • Blue needle
  • Local Anaesthesia
  • Acriflavine
  • Small bottle for formaline
  • Elastoplast
  • Pre-medication (IV Fentanyl, IV Propofol)

As a nurse, it is our responsibility to prepare the patient. If patient not intubated, the procedure usually done in prone position. Since he was intubated, the position was lateral. Make sure you strong enough to hold still patient’s hip. Call lab staff to come immediately. Here, we can see the collaboration of SN, Dr, and JTMP. So, Dr. plan:

  • Trace Bone Marrow Aspirate and Trephine + cytoFISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) + haemovision 28
  • Trace IP (immunophenotyping) result in 2/7 time.
  • Rest patient in supine position for 4-6 hours.

P/S: Requirements may be different with other hospital settings.

T-Lok™ Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle

T-Lok™ Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle

Until we meet again.

May peace be upon you.

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